History of Awards

Leander Boat Club Awards

Club Pins – To the athletes who competed in their first Henley.
Thoburn Trophy – Outstanding female NOVICE athlete.
Dalton Disher Award – Outstanding male NOVICE athlete.
Murphy Trophy – Outstanding female athlete of the year.
Kenesky Trophy – Outstanding male athlete of the year.
High School Cup – To High School Crew that attains the most points throughout the Schoolboy Regatta.
University Trophy – Outstanding rowing athlete of the year.
Gold Oars – To athletes who won their first Henley Gold at 2000 meters.

History behind the Awards

Thoburn Trophy

Bill Thorburn was part of the “Leander Eight” that represented Canada at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, winning a bronze medal. Bill was a wiry Hamilton police officer who was also a light heavy weight boxing champion. He loved playing cards and was our resident blackjack dealer when we held our “Las Vegas” nights several years ago. He lived into his 90’s.

When women’s rowing began in the late 60’s, Bill thought it appropriate to encourage ladies to row by awarding a special trophy to the top novice female rower.

Dalton Disher Trophy

Mr. Disher, a director of St. Catharines Rowing Club, had a soft spot in his heart for Leander rowers. For his many kindnesses, we named our top male novice trophy in his honour.

Murphy Trophy

Glen Murphy was Leander’s sculling coach for many years. Originally from St. Catharines, Glen moved to Hamilton after serving as a Captain in the Second World War. He opened up a tire business, named Murphy Brothers, and the store was situated at the corner of Main and Walnut. “A Dollar Down and a Dollar a Week Per Tire.”, was the store slogan.

Glen donated several boats to Leander and his athletes were always successful internationally. An Honorary Life Member, he also served on the Board of Directors for many years, was honoured at Leander’s 80th anniversary in 2007.

Kenesky Trophy

One of Hamilton’s oldest family-owned sports stores donated the Kenesky Trophy to Leander. “Pops Kenesky”, the founder, was known around the world as the man who tailor-made goalie pads for the hockey players. Every great goalie in the world used a Kenesky made pair of goalie pads. His pads were made of leather, stuffed with horse hair and lasted forever.

High School Cup

Introduced in 2007, the aim of this award is to broaden the bridges to our feeder high school program and create yet another link between our high school athletes and Leander’s rowing successes throughout the year.

It was donated by St. Mary’s Women’s Crew of 2006, to honour their back-to-back victories of the Schoolboy’s Hanlon Trophy, which is awarded to Canada’s top women’s rowing program. This was the first time in 80 year history of Leander Boat Club that such a feat had been accomplished. The Head Coach of St. Mary’s during this accomplishment was Kevin Monaco.

Names already listed on the trophy include:
• A female on our National Team
• A male on our National Team
• A silver and bronze medalist at the World Championships
• Queen’s University “Female Athlete of the Year”
• A gold medalist at the U23 World’s and a spare on the Olympic Eight

History and stories submitted by: Con Andreychuck