Rec Rowing

Already know how to row and looking for more?

If you’ve completed at least a Learn to Row program (or equivalent) and would like more time on the water with other experienced rowers, our recreational rowing program is perfect for you!

Flexible commitment: Practices are offered 4 evenings a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday) at 5:30-8:30. Once you pay your membership fee, you are free to determine your own commitment level. Everyone who shows up will be boated!

Broaden your experience: Recreational rowers have access to eights, fours, quads and doubles. If you have sweep experience but are interested in sculling, or would like more small-boat experience, our recreational coaches are available to you!

Meet new people: In 2015, Leander boasted more than 50 Recreational rowers. Aged 12 and up, male and female, our program served recent Learn to Row graduates, high school and university rowers looking for extra on-water training, ex-competitive club athletes and long-time recreational enthusiasts. Be part of a diverse and exciting recreational rowing community!

Racing opportunities: Recreational rowers have the opportunity to attend the Tony Fooks recreational regatta in August (hosted by the Don Rowing Club in Mississauga). Other Fall regattas may be available, details will be announced by the end of the summer.

Membership Fees:

Membership fees are determined by start date, and all membership lasts until September 30th. Sign-up information will be available on this page in the new year.

Contact Info:
To register for Leander’s recreational rowing program, please contact us at lbcrowing at gmail dot com or at 905-527-7377.