Row 4 Heart

Since 2001, Leander Boat Club and the Heart and Stroke Foundation have shared in “Row 4 Heart“. Our club takes great pride in our association with HSF! This program brings people from Hamilton and the surrounding area to our clubhouse on the harbour where they learn how to row and prepare for the Row 4 Heart Regatta held in mid July.

Fun and teamwork are important elements of this program. While the competitors train hard for eight weeks to compete in our regatta, the main thrust of the program is fund raising for research supported by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario. The goal in this event is to be as fast a crew as possible while gathering pledges for the HSF. Results in the regatta are based on speed of the crew, as well as how much money the crew manages to raise. To date the competitors in this program have raised over $300,000.00 for heart research!

Crews can be corporate, neighbourhood groups, families, rowing parents or community crews where small groups join with others and meet new people while learning to row. Our 2011 program had fourteen crews, (six more than our first year) and we hope to have twelve to fourteen crews in 2016! Age is no barrier as adults of all ages and abilities have participated. It is important that you bring your enthusiasm and we’ll help you with the rest.

For younger folk there is an abundance of other programs at Leander. From beginner to experienced rower there is something for you.

Our coaching staff consists of a wide range of our club athletes from our oldest athlete, who is 85, to some of our newest athlete/coaches. All of them bring their passion for the sport and a willingness to share their experience with new rowers.

For registration information please contact Dustin Starchuk at The Heart and Stroke Foundation 905-574-4105 or by email at dstarchuk at hsf dot on dot ca.

The registration page for Row 4 Heart can be found at

For rowing information please contact us at leanderrow4heart at gmail dot com.

Come out and get involved!