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McMaster Rowing is committed to attracting the best and brightest student-athletes. Prospective student-athletes are encouraged to fill out the Prospective Student Athlete Form.

The McMaster University Rowing season is a full year commitment and includes the main championship fall season, winter indoor training, and spring racing. McMaster trains out of the Leander Boat Club (LBC) on Hamilton Harbour, a 10 minute drive or a 20 minute bike ride from the university. During the fall, the team trains on the water six mornings a week, in addition to land training in the afternoons and evenings. We hope you consider joining our crew!


Students are encouraged to visit the McMaster Rowing booth at Clubsfest on campus at McMaster University during Welcome Week. Prospective students will have the opportunity to speak with current team members and ask questions prior to tryouts.


Participation in the Pre-Season Selection Camp is a mandatory component of tryouts for prospective Varsity and Junior Varsity athletes. Please communicate your intentions to try-out by emailing prior to the start of camp.


McMaster University Rowing 2013 – Training Camp August 25 – Sept 4

Important Camp Dates

  • Meet Sunday August 25th for BBQ at Leander. Complete all registrations.
  • Payment of fees will be due by Friday, Sept 6 for Varsity rowers. Fees will be finalized shortly.
  • On water daily 5:20AM and 8:00AM (seminars and extract rows might shift around as needed. 5:20AM each weekday will not change)
  • During the day there will be seminars, strength and conditioning and erging.
  • Wednesday, Sept 4th Clubsfest recruitment of Novices.
  • Saturday, Sept 7th on-campus Novice try-outs. Sunday, Sept 8th Leander BC Novice try-outs.


  • To be determined with coaches. Available at Camp.

Erg Testing

  • Saturday, August 31st, 2K.
  • Sunday, September 1st, 6K.

Fall Training

  • Time trial Wednesdays start on September 4th.
  • Mixed novice rows possibily September 8th, 15th and 22nd.

Medical Help

  • During camp will introduce student trainer.
  • Athletic therapy clinic will be discussed.

Coach Information
Steffan Wagner, Head Coach.
905-527-7377 or by email at leander dot manager at

For a detail schedule of the training camp click on the appropriate link.
Womens Schedule 2013Mens Schedule 2013

If you are a first year athlete staying in residence, please email prior to the start of camp so that we may help you arrange accommodations.


The following are “water-access” standards. Anyone not meeting these basic levels of erg ability may be restricted to erging during the season until these standards are met.

Water-Access 2k Standards
Men: 7:00 Lwt. Men: 7:15
Women: 8:00 Lwt. Women: 8:15

The following are Varsity Standards. Anyone intending to race as a member of a Varsity crew is expected to have their 2k erg scores in the regions of this standard. Any rower who makes standard will automatically be considered for selection for a Varsity crew. Anyone not pulling standard may be considered for selection at the discretion of the coaches.

Varsity Standards
Men: 6:30 Lwt. Men: 6:45
Women: 7:30 Lwt. Women: 7:45

Regatta Schedule:

All athletes are expected to have the entire regatta day open for training, racing, loading/unloading, etc. Do not plan on taking shifts at work or other obligations as we never know for sure when racing will finish due to weather or other delays.

Sept 11 Western
Sept 28 Mac/Guelph Challenge
Oct 5 Trent
Oct 12 Brock Invite
Oct 13 Thanksgiving OFF
Oct 14 Late row
Oct 19 Guelph
Oct 19/20 Boston. Head of the Charles (**)
Oct 25 Development Regatta Regatta @ Brock
Oct 26 OUA Champs @ Brock
Nov 1-3 CURC Champs Montreal (***)
Nov 8-10 NRC Welland

** Dependent upon early camp performance
*** Departure date mid-week. Plan for this.


President: Melanie Remy
Vice President Finance: Paul Steneker
Vice President Administration: Jennifer Bernhard
Men’s Captain: Lucas Durocher
Women’s Captain: Emily Baturin
Fundraising Coordinator: Aly Vogelzang
Secretary: Mary Rao
Social Coordinator: Ben Hartford
Media Officer: Karl Zimmerman
Recruitment Officer: Mary Rao